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3 questions for everyone

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3 questions here.
1)I need a code reader but not a programmer, who sells a code reader that is not a programmer combo? I dont want to pay for programmer, i have a dp-6 on the way.

2)With OD on at 50-60 mph/ 1700-1800 rpm, tranny shifts up and down real quick. like it does not know what it should do. check engine light comes on. I have had this happen with no load and load 6k. Happens every once in a while not all the time. 50,000 miles. Any ideas? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

3)Any good shops in my area for PSD or anyone that has code scanner and some time for me to stop by and check the codes? PM's welcome.

Thanks for the help, Jim
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Looking at the other posts "Truck missing when it rains" sounds just like what I am seeing. I guess it could be missing, I just thought the tranny jumped up and down a gear, This is my first automatic so i dont have much experience with them. It was raining 3 of the 4 times this happened to me.
Guess I need to put a new CPS in my glove box just in case this is the issue.
Im going to try and have the code read still, hopefully it will still be there when I am able to get it checked.
Im not convinced the CPS is the problem but from the posts it sounds like what I have been experiencing.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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