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Have 2 problems. Have 2 trucks both with 3126 CAT engines. 1st problem a 1999 Chevy C6500 Flatbed that is going thru oil but its not leaking anywhere. Where is it going? Not in the fuel or in the filters or anywhere that I can find.
2nd problem a 2000 GMC C6500 MD Wrecker that smokes like a freight train when it is first started. Thinking of changing the injectors. Any suggestions before I start?
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The oil has to be going somewhere. It could be leaking past the injector Orings and burning at a very light rate. Did you sample the whole depth of the fuel tank?
If you're getting injectors, you could get some better ones, from a higher hp rating:sneaky:
The Cat number for the good ones is: 10R0781 for a reman, but that's if it has the higher volume HPOP.
If you get the good injectors and the bigger HPOP, you'll be pushing 400hp. Of course, that would need a bigger turbo to keep it cool.
The other idea(and much cheaper), send in your injectors to get rebuilt, and have the nozzles honed out for a smaller hp gain(stock, up to 350hp).
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