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I'm retired, and was in the HD Clutch, Brake, and Air Compressor business... I'm now helping a old gent with his class A Motorhome... its not run in maybe 2 years...

2003, 3126B engine at 330 HP... less than 60K miles on the clock

The engine will not start... and the gen set will not start.... at cranking speed there is no smoke at tail pipe (no fuel)

I have replaced the start batteries, replaced the fuel filters, and have purged the fuel system by both pumping the mechanical hand pump and adding some pressure to the tank and can trace fresh fuel to the primary filter and can pump the hand pump to bring the system up to pressure...

I have checked for loose connections at all battery connections and have verified that the connections are good... the engine cranks good... and sounds like it's coming up to speed..

I have opened the line after the secondary filter to make sure the hand pump is pumping fuel..

I have opened the drain on the bottom of the tank and have drained 2-3 quarts of fuel and have verified that the fuel has no algae and is clean and clear...

I have READ but not verified that the engine must have oil pressure to start... the oil pressure gauge on the dash (electric) never budges off of zero? YOUR THOUGHTS

I have READ but have not verified that that low coolant can set a code and it won't start... but I know there is coolant in the system and the coolant recovery tank (its under pressure) YOUR THOUGHTS

I SEE that the volt meter on the dash show's zero volts when the key is in either the ON or START position... and wonder if this is connected... YOUR THOUGHTS

I've READ that the check engine light must come on when the key go to the ON position to check the system and if the this light doesn't light the ECM is not getting power... I've not yet checked this... Is this correct.. YOUR THOUGHTS

I have read the owners manual and know there is a dash fuse, and an ignition fuse.. but the manual says the fuse panel is under the dash... the only fuse panel under the dash is the fuse panel for the electric/hydraulic leveling legs.... or so the sticker on the panel says...

My next thought is the following.... 1 - check oil level, add if needed but I know this is old oil... 2 - disconnect HOT AIR grid at manifold by disconnecting solenoid and adding either to the air filter... and seeing if the engine will start 3 - if it starts let it warm up and see if after warm up it restarts...

Attempt to find the fuse panel and see if the NO VOLTAGE is part of my problem... YOUR THOUGHTS....

Is there anything that I might have missed??



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Can you get a picture of the engine code?

IIRC your injectors are electrical as well as hydraulic. And need voltage to fire.

The HEUI injector set up is very similar to a 7.3L powerstroke.

Check for very good battery connections and as close to full 12.4v at the batteries. If it is cranking then you probably have good voltage somewhere.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT check for power at the ECU plug. Contact your local CAT dealer and talk to a service tech. Someone should be willing to help.

Also.... if you have fuel to the primary filter..... can you see the secondary? Mine will not start without that filter being filled to the brim.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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