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315/70/17 on a 2006 f20?

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can it be done on a stock f250?

im trying to go with a 315/70/17 tire but i need to know if it will fit. does anyone know if it will work or will i need to modify anything? if so what?

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Go with a leveling kit, It will do what you want... Give Ben a call at Extreme Suspension & Performance He is the distributor for Dick Cepek. and is a great guy to deal with and unbeliveable customer service, he will take care of you if you have a problem with a product... If you change the rear oem F-250 block to a oem F-350 block you will gain 1 and 3/4" in the rear and you also order a leveling kit for the F-350 you will raise the front around 3"

315/70/17 = 34.4x12.4/17
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