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Hey everyone new to the semi diesel world i know how to build power of of a duramax and now i wanna step it up. my family owns a tow company and im looking to build a truck for my self. i plan on building a GMC General with a Cat 3406b engine. me and my dad are both Cat fans and he loves the idea of building a old General but 400 HP isnt going to cut it in our world of steep mountains and heavy loads. So my question is how to I build a 3406 to keep up with our other trucks we run a few 550 ACERTS and they kick ass. So im just wondering how do i get up to 550-600 HP i know turn up the fuel screws and boost but what else i hear theres a lot of different injectors and pumps so how do i make sure its going to run right and make power rather then ending up with a boat anchor thanks for any help i will figure this out
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