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4 bad fuel injectors?

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Hey everybody. This is my 1st post here so please excuse my limited knowledge of the subject.

We just got a 2001 F550 powerstroke where I work & we're having a breakdown & possible injector problem. Prior to the truck breaking down the exhaust was pushing out a pretty excessive amount of white-ish smoke that would eventually clear up but would take 15 or 20 minutes to clear. This looked like partially-burned fuel in the exhaust but could be something else. One of our guys was driving it recently & it coughed a big shot of white smoke & the engine stalled & will not restart. We had a local auto/truck mechanic install his OTC genisis scan tool & he found no error codes. He tried to do an injector buzz test & found that 4 of the injectors were not responding. Injectors 1, 2, 4 & 5 I believe. His conclusion was that those 4 injectors were bad & needed to be replaced but recommended we just replace all 8 saying the others were probably close to the same condition. It seemed odd that 4 injectors would crap out at once so I wanted to see if anyone here had similiar issues. If anyone can offer any insight or ideas I'd really appreciate it.
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He only ran the injector buzz test and wants to replace injectors?? I would never replace injectors based solely on the buzz test, if the injectors did not respond or "buzz", you more than likely have some issues either with IDM, UVC wiring(most common), gasket, or engine/chassis harness. Do you know exactly what codes were retrieved after the buzz test? They may help narrow down the exact cause, but with four injectors not buzzing, with two on each bank not buzzing, either UVC harness issues, or the engine has not been maintained the the oil is sludged in the injector not allowing proper movement of the poppet so you cannot hear it.

1,3,5,7 Passenger side, 2,4,6,8 Drivers side.

IDM-Injector Driver Module, located inside the left hand fender, about right behind the badge on the fender.

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