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4 bad fuel injectors?

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Hey everybody. This is my 1st post here so please excuse my limited knowledge of the subject.

We just got a 2001 F550 powerstroke where I work & we're having a breakdown & possible injector problem. Prior to the truck breaking down the exhaust was pushing out a pretty excessive amount of white-ish smoke that would eventually clear up but would take 15 or 20 minutes to clear. This looked like partially-burned fuel in the exhaust but could be something else. One of our guys was driving it recently & it coughed a big shot of white smoke & the engine stalled & will not restart. We had a local auto/truck mechanic install his OTC genisis scan tool & he found no error codes. He tried to do an injector buzz test & found that 4 of the injectors were not responding. Injectors 1, 2, 4 & 5 I believe. His conclusion was that those 4 injectors were bad & needed to be replaced but recommended we just replace all 8 saying the others were probably close to the same condition. It seemed odd that 4 injectors would crap out at once so I wanted to see if anyone here had similiar issues. If anyone can offer any insight or ideas I'd really appreciate it.
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Thanks for both responses & that explanation. Yes, all that was done was checking for codes & there were none & then the injector buzz test. I believe the info on the OTC reader listed out all 4 injectors & said something like "low to high side open". I am not sure how the cylinder/injector numbers are laid out so I wasn't sure if this was all four on one side or a mix of both sides. Can you tell me how the cylinders are designated? Also can you tell me what IDM is short for? Thanks for the help guys.
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