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4 heater cores gone bad in 10 months???

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I ve replaced the heater core 5 times since august. The first ones i got from autozone would last for a month or so and then theyd spring a leak, sometimes at a seem and sometimes at a bend in one of the tubes. I thaught it was cheap parts so the last one i got from ford. it did good for about 3 months and now there is a small pin hole in one of the tubes, the tube with the hole also has some pitting at the tip where the hose hooks up, kinda looks like its been arking from a short or something, the other tube looks fine. the bad tube is hooked to the hose coming from the passenger side head and the radiator. Could the coolant be getting voltage on it or picking up a charge from something? I replaced the water pump and the radiator last year before there was any heater core problems. Any Ideas?
97' F-SUPER DUTY 360,000miles:ford:
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Bad ground from engine to frame or from anywhere to battery will cause the system to seek a ground anywhere it can contact or arc causing thin metal parts to burn and heavy metal parts to sizzle. A local wire inside the heat/air box with bad insulation or poor contact may also be using the heater core as a contact point.
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