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4-Low will not engage...

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My electronic shift 4x4 will not engage in low. When I turn the switch from 2 to 4-hi, I do so in neutral, and everything works fine. I then procede to turn the switch to 4-low, and the light comes on, but nobody is home. No forward or rearward motion, and a terrible grinding if I try to put it in park. If I switch back to 4-hi, the low range light will turn back off, it will "clunk" and I can move again.

Where should I start?

BTW: I was on a hill, with my foot on the brake. I even tried letting it roll to move the gears, but to no avail.
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The F250 did what your truck is doing a few years ago. Grinding and not engaging. Called a large Ford dealership and was told it was a leak in the vacume lines near the wheels, $425 to fix $25 in parts, 4 hours. Never tried four low after that, then one day my ac/heat controls started to act funny. The vacume leak was causing the cabin controls to only work on the defrost position.

My mechanic tried a new pump with no luck but managed to bypass the vacume lines going to the front and now the cabin controls work normal.

Recall people on forums using a aftermarket stainless steel covered vacume line for the front end leak problem.
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