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4-Low will not engage...

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My electronic shift 4x4 will not engage in low. When I turn the switch from 2 to 4-hi, I do so in neutral, and everything works fine. I then procede to turn the switch to 4-low, and the light comes on, but nobody is home. No forward or rearward motion, and a terrible grinding if I try to put it in park. If I switch back to 4-hi, the low range light will turn back off, it will "clunk" and I can move again.

Where should I start?

BTW: I was on a hill, with my foot on the brake. I even tried letting it roll to move the gears, but to no avail.
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Not having the ESOF tranfer case, I have never had to work on these units BUT here is what the manual says to look at with your symptoms:

4WD mode switch.
Neutral safety switch.
Brake pedal position (BPP) switch.
Transfer case.
Digital transmission range (TR) sensor.

I'd start by checking the relays and maybe get someone to engage the 4hi to 4low switch while you listen at the tranfer case to see if you can hear/feel if the shift motor is operating.
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