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4 wheel drive noise

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Ok need a little advice it snowed 3 inches here in Tenn today. Had to lock my hubs in on my 2000 f-350 I replaced my hubs last year with a set of warn hubs. Going down the road with the front end locked I get a rumble sound from the left front I can take it out of 4wheel drive and I still get the sound in my left front . My u joints are in good shape everything I've looked at appears good when I unlock my hubs everything is quite.
It has to be the front axle does it not what do you think.
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Sounds like possible bad needle bearings. Although the noise should go away when the hub is locked.

I just took my warns off today and greased them. They really needed geese too! Id start by doing that, and if it doesn't go away dig deeper
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