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4 wheel drive noise

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Ok need a little advice it snowed 3 inches here in Tenn today. Had to lock my hubs in on my 2000 f-350 I replaced my hubs last year with a set of warn hubs. Going down the road with the front end locked I get a rumble sound from the left front I can take it out of 4wheel drive and I still get the sound in my left front . My u joints are in good shape everything I've looked at appears good when I unlock my hubs everything is quite.
It has to be the front axle does it not what do you think.
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Check the front driveshaft including the double joint...

Other than that, you may need to jack up the front and spin the drivers side wheel with only that hub locked and in 2wd so you can turn the axle shaft on that side. Then lock the other side (with wheel on the ground) and the DS should spin. Repeat for other side.

Post if you find anything.
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