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4R100 in 4x4 Removal and Reinstall

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I have a 2000 F250 4X4 here I need to take out and install a rebuilt 4R100.
My question is; can it be gotten out and reinstalled using a transmission floor jack?. I can't seen to get lift time anywhere.
My trans floor Jack is a Pittsburgh from harbor freight. The plate and corner posts on it create a platform, I cannot picture working. If I can overcome that and have no idea as of right now, how to. Will I have enough clearance on a 250 to even get it out.
Shop manual says there is a gasket between it and transfer case. I have not looked at that joint yet. Is it infact a gasket or just RTV.
Thanks for any help/ insight.
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I would say yes, it can be done with a tranny jack. I've done it with my ZF6. Jack the rear of the truck up as high as you can and it can come out thru the right rear wheel well. You may have to remove the wheel, but I did it with just a bit of jockeying with the wheel on.
I've also helped pull an E4OD out of an OBS truck using ratchet straps. Not recommended, but can be done. For that one we pulled the t-case off first. With a tranny jack, I leave the t-case and tranny together.

[on edit] There is a gasket between tranny and t-case. I've reused it except once when the tranny came with a new one. I suppose you could use RTV. It's not a pressurized joint unless the rear seal on the tranny goes.
As long as the pan sits flat on the plate, it should be fine. Be sure you strap the tranny onto the jack before removing the mounting bolts.
A serious pita. Especially when the wife is complaining the whole time..;)
LOL, I assume she was "helping". :winking:
With the low lift tranny jack, you should be able to get low enough to use the tranny jack to roll the whole thing out from under the truck without removing the tranny from the jack. I agree that would be a serious PITA.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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