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4X4 Manuel hubs Rattle when I go down the road

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I have a 2001 F250 with about 30,000 miles on the truck. It has a 4 inch Skyjacker lift, & 35's. Other than that it is a stock truck. The hubs when not engaged rattle as I go down the road, has anyone else had a similiar problem, and how did you fix it?
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I have the same sound and thought it was hubs too. I recently put new tires on and left the center caps off for a few days and started to hear that clicking sound from the front end. I grabbed the end of the hub and could move it up and down slightly, duplicating the sound. I snapped the center caps on and haven't heard it since. I never even though it would be wheel bearings.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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