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I have a 01 F350CC 4x4 PSD Auto Hubs and EOFS. I searched forums but have not found an exactly similar problem/solution.

I parked the truck a month ago in 4x4 High Mode. It has since gotten blistering cold (-30). I started today just fine and jumped in for a ride. I tried to shift it from 4x4H to 2x4. It would not shift. I drove it around for a while and then tried again. No shift. Took it out on the hwy. No shift to 2x4. So I pulled over to a parking lot and shifted it to 4x4Low. It shifted. I pulled ahead, stopped, shift to N, hard on brake, flip to 4x4H...NO SHIFT! I have tried every possible combo with no luck. I am now stuck in 4x4L mode.

Here's what I checked:
Lots of Vacuum.
No blown fuses.
Pulled 4x4 Selector switch and cleaned up terminals.
Swapped out 4x4 relays.
No apparent broken wires.
Checked out transfer case motor. All connections in place.

I had someone trying to shift while I was checked the transfer case shift motor. I could not hear (or feel) the motor actuating.

My questions:
What wires should I test at the Transfer Case to check for power and what readings should I get?
How do I test the actuator motor?
Is there a way to manually shift the transfer case back into 4x4H or 2x4?

I suppose putting it into a warm building overnight may help...but alas...I have not such space!

Thanks for any help in advance.


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What did your find out?

Mine just did the same exact thing. Eventually it went back to 2wd, but the 4x4 light is still on & the t case is in 2wd with the hubs locked. It was -30F or colder.

A week later 4wd is still not useable, no changes. Any ideas?
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