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5.4L 3v Spark Plug Removal Instructions

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Well I finally had one come in the shop recently after not seeing them for a long time. So I decided to shoot a video on the current favorite removal method that is working for us shops out there, since there are a few videos out there but they are all of poor quality. This works about 90% of the time. It seems you will usually break one out of 8 though and for that I have a new video coming out showing in detail the extraction process made simple. I hope this helps as this can be very costly. Most shops charge a half and hour more in additional labor each plug that breaks this can really add up!

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Yeah any good strong carbon dissolver will do, we just use what ford recommends here at the dealer and most of the time it works. Man is it strong stuff.
There definitely are many ways. :thumbsup:Even with the impact method,I, for one, am still glad that Lisle makes a great extractor tool! Cause its like James said, "ALMOST 100% effective".
Yes I get allot of use out of that tool since the plugs are getting on in age and they just don't seem to come out as easy as they used to.
V10's don't have this problem?
The 5.4 3v was the first of this kind, the 4.6 3v came after and the 6.8l 3v after that so they had some time to do engineering fixes so the problem still is there but there is almost never a problem on these two engines not like the 5.4.
Few notes here-
-It is best to do this while the engine is warm, so after soaking the plugs overnight blow out the rest of the solvent and reinstall coils without bolts and run engine till warm.
-Also if your ignition coil boots are brown in color and not black you have the new plug design that does not have this issue.
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