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5.4L 3v Spark Plug Removal Instructions

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Well I finally had one come in the shop recently after not seeing them for a long time. So I decided to shoot a video on the current favorite removal method that is working for us shops out there, since there are a few videos out there but they are all of poor quality. This works about 90% of the time. It seems you will usually break one out of 8 though and for that I have a new video coming out showing in detail the extraction process made simple. I hope this helps as this can be very costly. Most shops charge a half and hour more in additional labor each plug that breaks this can really add up!

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I pretty much never break any of the plugs anymore when removing. The process is pretty simple. Get the engine as hot as you can get it. I mean full temp. Shut down the engine and quickly remove 2 coil packs. Use an electric impact and quickly burp in reverse and then forward. I do this 2-3 times. Then full out. Hardly any break using this method.
Sorry, but I wouldn't think of using an impact gun on a spark plug.

I'll take the slow sure way.

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You just have to be smarter than the electric impact. Short burst just to break the carbon bond loose. Out of many, many, many 5.4L 3V spark plugs I had to remove, this method is almost 100% effective. The chemicals just don't seem to work. Even sitting overnight.
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