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5.4L 3v Spark Plug Removal Instructions

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Well I finally had one come in the shop recently after not seeing them for a long time. So I decided to shoot a video on the current favorite removal method that is working for us shops out there, since there are a few videos out there but they are all of poor quality. This works about 90% of the time. It seems you will usually break one out of 8 though and for that I have a new video coming out showing in detail the extraction process made simple. I hope this helps as this can be very costly. Most shops charge a half and hour more in additional labor each plug that breaks this can really add up!

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Chuck, an impact is the only real way to get them out. Otherwise they will break, no matter how many chemicals that you try to use-- even with the new whiz bang tool that just hit the market that is supposed to grip the whole plug. Carb cleaner rarely works and is a colossal waste of time and huge mess-- not to mention that the exhaust smell when started is acrid to the point of overloading all but the best shop exhaust removal systems. Watch those plugs aftermarket plugs too. The porcelain likes to eject from the plug in operation.
Forgot to add, that on reinstallation, its best to use a small round brass wire brush to clear out the crap in the plug bore. Blow it out well and make sure that the well and the area where the plugs sealing base is clean and clear. Then torque to spec. If you don't clean you WILL mistorque and have a customer complaining of a fuel smell in the cab.
Just goes to show there's more than one way to skin a cat.

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There definitely are many ways. :thumbsup:Even with the impact method,I, for one, am still glad that Lisle makes a great extractor tool! Cause its like James said, "ALMOST 100% effective".
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