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6.0 fuel filter ?

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Just priced fuel filters for the 06 6.0

Ford wants $70
Napa wants $78

and the international dealer wants 32.75 for item # 1847170c92

is this the correct filter as posted here?
also is it as good? I would think so but with the price difference ?
I know Ford and napa have Markup but this is a lot!

also the oil filter # 1811953c1 is this correct?
cost is 14.93 at International or am I better off getting it somewhere else?

Would appreciate any feedback
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I think the number for oil filters for the 6.0 from IH is 1840752C91. It's the same as for the IH 4.5l, or something like that, not their 6.0l, It's kind of confusing.
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