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6.0L FICM Issue?????????????

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Okay my 2005 6.0 Powerstoke is having issue with onlu 60K on it!!!

I was having cold start issues and rough idle that was getting worse so I assumed after lots of reading it was the FICM. So I check it out and the voltage was low around 37 V both with the injectors buzzing and while running.

So I decided to try and repair re-soldering the power side circuit board as I have read so many people do with great results. I followed the process and put back in and got great voltage numbers, 46.4 injectors buzzing, 47.8 while running so I was ecstatic. The drove all day and it ran like new. The next day it fired right up but I had rough idle and it stumbled when I stepped on the gas again. I re-checked the FICM and the voltage was back to 32 Volts basically.

I had the batteries load tested and the 5 year old passenger was bad. It did crank a little slow so this wasn't a surprise. I bit the bullet and bought 2 new Motor Craft 850 CCA and replaced both batteries.

I removed the FICM and re-soldered it again. This time I got 46.4 at injectors buzzing and 47.1 while running. Again it ran great for a while then later today its back to no power and stumbles when you step on the gas but it does start pretty easy.

I'm sure if I check the FICM the voltage will be low again .

While running the batteries are at about 14 volts so I assume the alternator is doing its job.

Not sure where to go from here. I'm afraid the buy a half shell FICM or whole brand new one because I'm not sure whats failing it. The only code I get is the low injector circuit that I'm sure comes back after the FICM falls to low voltage.

I don't just want to start spending thousands on this dang thing as you can easily do with out knowing whats wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Thank You

Thanks for the information Fordsforever!!!!
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Hey Guys,

Just an update and but yet another question for you experts. So I got the FICM fixed and re-installed the new one. The truck fired right up and I've been driving the truck for a couple days now. For me the truck seems to be running great and better than ever!

So I decided to check for any new codes and the P0299 Turbo Under boost code kicked out.

Driving it for two days I don't notice anything and when I go to pass someone on the expressway the turbo kicks in right away and I get about 30 pounds of boost which is more than I have had in the past. Seems fine.

The truck only has 60k on it so my next step is going to be remove the turbo to clean and inspect it and see what happens.

My question is: If I continue to run the truck with low boost am I damaging any part of the engine long term?

I can't keep dumping money into it right now, seems like everything is going at once.
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Thanks Phil & The Camel! You guys are right the gauge is really reading about 28 psi. I'll lay pff the throttle until I can get it out and clean it.

Thanks again guys,


Thanks for the info. TKO
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