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6.0L Ford Part #'s

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Does anyone have the Ford part # Bible for the 6.0L? More specifically I am looking for the Accelerator Pedal Assembly part # at the moment (anyone have an extra they need to sell?) but the more #'s available the better. My 6.0 conversion budget has been long gone and I prefer not to pay local dealer prices when I can get the same parts from our sponsors for almost 1/2 the price.
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Sorry, no part numbers.

Priced pedal assembly from my dealer source for my sister-in-laws early 2004 Excursion with adjustable pedals and Power Stroke engine. I was quoted $140.00.

Plastic accelerator pedal was popping off. Needless to say I reattached the pedal for now so as not to need to purchase a new pedal assembly. Will see how long this lasts.
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