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6.0L MAP intake port part number?

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Does anybody have a part number for the brass fitting on the intake side where the MAP sensor tube connects?

I have an 06 F350 that has an ambulance engine in it. I just bought it. Boost is low and giving me a code. Noticed that when the jokers put the thing in apparently they plugged the hole where the fitting goes and never installed the tube running between the MAP sensor and the intake.
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Yeah, the fitting is missing and the hole is plugged with a bolt and some silicone. I tried Ford to no avail. My buddy was able to track down the part (knew someone at a Ford dealer) and I should have it in hand tomorrow or Thursday. When I get it I will post a picture with the part number.
Gonna throw it in today. Hopefully it goes well and they didn't screw up the thread forcing the bolt in there. May do a video of both sides since when I was looking around I couldn't find a decent one.
I was going to get you the part number but you got it covered. :thumbsup: I had to get one when an intake manifold was returned to me from being cleaned with it missing.
Thanks man, glad I was able to track it down. Thought I was gonna have to retrofit from something i could find at a plumbing warehouse. :surprise:
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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