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6.0L PSD jerking stuttering on hard acceleration

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Hi, I'm new here and need some help figuring out whats wrong with my truck. I have a 03 cc f250 fx4 6.0 the truck hasn't thrown any codes but when accelrate hard it will stutter and act like it misses or something after 2500 rpm and higher. Its pretty violent felling like the truck is jerking. If I ease in to the rpm's it doesn't seem to do it and anything under 2500 is fine. I thought it could have something to do with my high pressure oil leak but I fixed that and am still having the issue. I have a sct x4, new headgaskets and arp studs, egr delete, 4 inch exhaust and I'm getting 48.5 volts to ficm my hpop is putting out 2800 to into the 3k's. I can rev it in neutral to in the high 3k's then it sounds like it hits rev limiter. Any idea's on what could be causing this?
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Did you adjust any of the limiters in the SCT? I know this is pretty general, but some people have missed those and it'll studder like you are describing.

As stated by TKO, check injector health. Fuel pressure isn't a bad thing either to check either.
Ok update I did a fuel pressure test and was getting 55 psi under load. As for messing with the limiters I did adjust the speed and rev limiter if that is what you are referring to?

Correct. Some people forget to change those and these trucks with the hotter tune will run up there in RPM if allotted. Just wanted to make sure that was covered. lol
Think I possibly might have found my issue, the hose for my map sensor has came off. Haven't had time to put it back on and test but hopefully thats my issue.
Yes, Map can make them do some funky things if it isn't reading manifold pressure accurately.
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