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Should DieselSite develop a 6.0 regulated return fuel system?

  • Yes

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  • No

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Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it!

While we were the original 7.3L Regulated Return System on the market and have been building them ever since, we don't build a 6.0L version.

We are an Aeromotive Warehouse Distributor and sell product to several vendors that make a 6.0L Fuel System and advertise on these forums as well as performance shops all over the country. We have kept out of that market so that we wouldn't be competing with our dealers who made a system first.

We'd love to suggest a vendor for you, but that wouldn't be fair since we supply to a few companies that make a product for the 6.0L. I sure hope you understand. We have stayed out of the 94-97 market until recently for different reasons, but really have no choice but to make an OBS system since the introduction of the PULSE has many customers requesting a fuel system to order with their new PULSE pump.

Thanks again to EVERYONE for the support over the years we have been advertising here.

Bob and Sheryl
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