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so I am working on buttoning up my 06 6.0 after doing head gaskets arp's and I found the #5 piston was all beat to hell. looks like the previous owner sucked up a nut at some point. so I changed everything and torqued to specs and now it will not turn over any where near fast enough to start. I have checked all of the rocker bridges with a borescope and from what I can see everything seems to be on correctly. all the lifters appear to be moving because the push rods are moving. all of the pumps and accessories seem to be freely spinning and operating correctly. Im sitting here banging my head against the wall trying to figure something out

oh and I have swapped batteries with a known good set. im about to pull the starter and have it tested because I don't know where to go. the starter should be good because it was good when I pulled it off.

please help

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