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Hey all-

So I've got an issue. I was on my way to work, and about 4 miles into my trek, the truck dies at a light. No warning, just shuts off.

It restarts instantly, and I make it another 300 yards, where it dies while I'm driving. I fortunately have enough momentum to glide into the Arco on the corner.

It won't start. I checked all the gauges, and nothing was out of the ordinary. Fuel Pressure at about 55, temp about 250- it all looked ok. Checked the fluids, it was fine. I did, however, change the oil 4 days prior with Rotella 15-40 and a new filter. I had put on about 60 miles between the change and the event. Towed to the house.

Next day: Did some research here, and some dieseltechron help (God I love those videos) and programmed the scan gauge for the IPR/ICP and Sync.

Once programmed, I tried to fire it up. It started without an issue. I did notice that the tow truck backed it up the driveway, and the nose is facing down.

After 5 mins, it starts to run a little rough, but not terribly so. My accelerator is 100% unresponsive. Oil temp is about 120 and EGT about 250. Fuel pressure 54 PSI.

Im really new to the ICP/IPR thing, but I think they look good. Key on: ICP- 29. IPR-14.8

With it running, ICP levels at 774 and IPR 28.9.

Obviously the unresponsive pedal is an issue, and I could replace that- but would it affect the rough idle after 5 mins?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I missing something with these numbers?

Also, I've had two other 'dead pedal' issues within the year, but they have resolved themselves within minutes. Always having occurred while driving down the road.. and it stalls out. There has to be a connection I'm not getting.

Side note: Shouldn't the ICP in KEOE be 0?

**Looking at the ICP, it's bouncing all over the place. I'll just replace it and see how it goes.

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