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I have an early 2004 f350 6.0l and it had started to over heat then cooled down and died on the highway. I noticed the fan clutch wiring was ripped in half so I spliced the wires back together and the truck still wouldn't crank over. I found that the fuse to the ecm was blown and replaced it. the truck now cranks and starts for a second and dies. I have a Bluetooth code reader and it reads code P0603 and claims I should replace the PCM/ECM. I found one at an auto recycler but don't want to purchase untill I know that's the issue it's final sale.

Looking for any advise!

New FICM-harness, glowplugs-harness-controlmodule, IPR valve, water pump, batteries, starter, water pump, radiator.

Also if I get the recycled ECM from an identical truck can I just plug it in and start the truck to test it?
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