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I have a 6-1999 ford f 650 utility truck, it has a power stroke diesel v/8 engine with 186000 miles on it. Truck starts fine hot or cold, truck idles fine no skip, no active fault codes loged, new fuel filter-clean sediment bowl ect, If you punch it it will stumble and blow a light bluish/white smoke out of pipe and will only turn 2700-2750 rpms and it stopes right there, If you raise rpms slowly from idle all the way up to the 2750 rpm it dont smoke and does not seem to skip at all---it only breaks up and stumbles if you punch it.then once you hit 27-2750 rpms and it stumbles and will go no higher, While driving it if you pull the next gear it will go just! ok and stop at 2750 rpms thats it!! ANY HELP GREATLY APRECIATED!!! Richie 1-774-406-7289 or email me at [email protected] thank you!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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