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First time posting here and I am getting my rear end kicked. I own and operate a Auto/truck repair center in Central Illinois that specializes in Light and Medium Duty Diesels. We get lots of problem vehicles from other local shops and have great luck figuring them out until now. We have a customers 2014 F250 CC,LB,4X4 AUTO 80k miles, Deleted egr and DPF, SCT X4. Problem is the truck will run fine through town, once its on the Highway and accelerated it will act like you took your foot off the accelerator pedal. It doesn't matter if I accelerate hard or easy once I get up to between 70-85 it happens. I can feather the accelerator pedal and nothing happens until it slows own to about 50 MPH. Sometimes it will take off again and sometimes it will buck and jerk violently. Watching the scan tool the APP% is working correctly and so are all the other pids. Egt is at different temps when it happens. The only thing I notice is when it is acting up the "Engine load" is at 100% and fuel injector rate is at zero%. As soon as the engine load comes off 100% it takes off again. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I would greatly appreciate some input and I WILL include what fixes it once its good. I will also give a big hug to anyone that helps me get this thing right. . Thanks in advance..
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