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New to the forum, but I wanted to share my experience as I found other posts on here helpful when researching the topic.

Long story short - Driving along at highway speeds outside of Louisville, KY and hear a loud "pop" accompanied by loss of power. Quickly pull over, look under the hood thinking maybe a hose form the turbo blew off, etc? Nada. No warning lights or anything. Decide not the chance it and call for a tow truck. Towed to Town and Country Ford (I'm from the Dallas / Fort Worth area and was simply passing through KY).

After inspection and pulling the glow plug I'm told a valve on #7 cylinder dropped and basically destroyed the engine.

I have a 2011 King Ranch F250. I'm not sure of my build date, but the vin #'s are 1FT7W2BTXBEA06300. Mileage is 120K so I'm out of warranty, but let's face it, none of us buy a diesel with the expectation of them only lasting 120K miles before they are shot.

That being the case I did contact "Crystal" and would like to to publicly thank her as she was very helpful in attempting to assist me.

While Crystal was helpful, Ford's regional service manager (Kathleen Veit) was no help (not even a call by her to the dealership where my truck was located). To be fair, I am out of warranty and Ford doesn't have an obligation to help whatsoever, but being stuck away from home, having to get a hotel room then buy an airline ticket home (actually two) isn't fun to put on top of the cost of either a used 6.7 or new 6.7 going into my truck.

Speaking with the mechanic he did not have an explanation as to why the valve failed. I wasn't running hard or hot, wasn't pulling a trailer (although had pulled one up from AL to OH the prior day). No warning lights, no indication of anything prior to engine failure. Coolant level was slightly low, but not enough to contribute to anything. I was told that he (mechanic) had heard of this before but not seen it.

My main concern now is on replacement. I'm told I need a 2011 engine again because a 2012 up won't fit (I'm assuming things might have been reconfigured under the hood between 11 &12). I don't want to play Russian roulette with another engine that might contain a batch of bad valves (have read the threads here about that being a possible issue). Prices on used engines are looking like $9.5K. New, $12.5K. My turbo seems fine. Plan on injectors is to compare used engine v. mine and go with the best (obviously the one from #7 is shot and will be replaced).

Any insight and or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Based on your VIN of A06300, you have a very early build, the 6,300 truck to roll off the line which would put you in the 1st month of production of a brand new motor. This issue is a very well known issue with the early build 2011s so although Ford doesn'doesn't have to do anything, they should knowing that they know of this issue and fixed it in subsequent builds.

A new motor will have the updated parts so you shouldn't be concerned of this happening again but it is very unfortunate and down right wrong for Ford not to step up with some assistance.
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Blwnsmoke - Thank you for the response. I was thinking the 06300 was my truck number and it was an early build. You're right, if it is a known issue I would like to think Ford would step up or at least acknowledge it instead of a shoulder shrug.

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I'm not a fan of folks who expect Ford to cover breakage past their warranty. However, this being a known issue, seems like it would be fair for Ford to cover at least half of the cost - parts and labor.

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I'm not a fan of folks who expect Ford to cover breakage past their warranty. However, this being a known issue, seems like it would be fair for Ford to cover at least half of the cost - parts and labor.
Completely agree. complaining about a failure is one thing but a failure Ford knows about and specifically redesigned a part to prevent them for continuing to happen is another.

It blows my mind that ANY manufacturer can get away with this.. It's more about "when" it's going to happen, not "if" it will happen.

And then on top of that.. it hurts resale value because when your research online, you always read "stay away from the early 2011 builds" etc.

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Phillip - I'm with you. I really did not and do not expect Ford to cover breakage past my warranty whatsoever. Initially my thought was that it was simply bad luck. After all engines are just machines and do break. My concern truly stemmed looking into why a valve would fail like that and, from research here and on other sites, it does seem to be a known issue within Ford with the early builds. I'm a business owner and know that there is a huge difference between doing what is required and doing what is right. I don't expect a free engine or even as you suggested a 50/50 split from Ford. Heck, at this point I'd be happy if they covered the cost of the oil or anything. My bigger concern is attempting to figure out where in the builds of 2011 they corrected the problem so that I don't end up dropping another potential problem engine into my truck or if I should just eat the additional and buy a new one.

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Seems like the biggest problem with the early 11s was the defective Valves. It scared me enough to trade in my nearly paid for 03/10 built 2011 Lariat with 50Kmi on a new 2016. I would guess that a 2011 rebuilt Long Block would not contain the bad Valves used in the early 11s and most come with some kind of Warranty,

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By all indications the replacement engine will have the updates to prevent this from happening again. I live near Louisville and the dealer you have it at would be my last choice and it wouldn't surprise me if the lack of Ford help isn't because of them. There is a dealer close with a good diesel tech and they are good to deal woth. PM me if you need any help or information.

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According to ETIS, you have two outstanding field actions/recalls on the truck


Here is the build date and other info about your truck from the same site. Truck was built on March 9 2010...

Primary Features
Build Date: 09.03.2010
Vehicle Line: F250/350/450/550 Super Duty
Body Style: Double Cab (3/4 Door)
Version: 250 Series
Engine: 6.7L 4V V8 T/C Diesel
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto Trans (6R140)
Drive: LHD 4WD (PTD)
Axle Ratio: 3.55
Emission: 50 State Emission Requirements
Air Conditioning: High Capacity Air Conditioner
Territory: (+)"USA"
Paint: White Platimum

Minor Features

Adobe Interior
Less Front Fenders
DEC-FX4 O/RD SRW Silver/Red
My Key
Tailgate - With Flexible Step
With Tailgate Lock
Less Second Unit Body Covers
With 6 3/4' Styleside Steel Box
4 Cargo Tie Down Hooks - Inside
With Load Box Edge Protectors
Less Pickup Box Extender
Less Load Box Bedliner
With Base Payload Package
156"/3962MM Wheelbase
King Ranch
Kentucky Truck Plant Build
Security Lock Group
Less Special Equipment Package
10,000 LB. GVW
Less Appearance Group
Exterior Appearance - Level 1
With Power Equipment Group
With Memory Pack
Feature Content Group 1
Kentucky Truck Plant Build Only
With English Language Label
Owner Hand Book Pack
Brand Owner - Ford
With 2 Ton Mechanical Jack
With Power Front Windows
With Electric Rear Windows
With Privacy Glass
With Power Sliding Rear Window
Less Heated Rear Window
Overhead Console With Sunroof
Flow Through Console With Armrest
Adjustable Accl/Brake Foot Pedals
Front Floor Mats With Logo
With Carpet Floor Covering
I/P Insert - Level 2
With Illuminated Sunvisor - Drivers
With Illuminated Sunvisor-Passenger
With Level 4 Door Trim Panel
With Painted Front Grille
With Accent Wheel Lip Moulding
With Lower Body Moulding
With Side Auxiliary Step And Lights
Electrochromic Mirror With Compass
Dual Sail T'Scp TT Mirrors-Pwr/Htd
With Body Coloured Exterior Mirror
With Drivers Heated And Cooled Seat
With Pass Heated And Cooled Seat
With Second Row Flip / Fold Armrest
With 2nd Row Folding Armrests
With Driver 10 Way Pwr Seat Adjust
With Pass 10 Way Power Seat Adjust
Trailer Tow Prep Pack
Trailer Tow - Class III Receiver
Less Fifth Wheel
With Front Towing Hook
With Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
Less Fifth Wheel Hitch Kit
With Colour Keyed Ext Door Handle
Double Cab (3/4 Door)
Frequency - 315MHZ
With Central Locking System
Door Entry R/Cont Unit - 2 Keys
With Remote Keyless Entry
With Electric Slide Sunroof
T/T Accent Colour-Pale Adobe Met
Rocker Tu-Tone Paint
Ac/St-Pale Ad/Royal Rd/Pale Ad
Front Bumper Painted In Bodycolour
Rear Bumper Body Coloured Painted
With Front Licence Plate Bracket
Side Air Bag - 1st & 2nd row
Adjustable'D'Ring-Drivers Seat Belt
Less Passenger Air Bag Deactivation
With Adjustable 'D' Ring Pass Seat
With Frame Mounted Tyre Carrier
With Conventional Spare Wheel
Premium Off Road Frt Shock Absrbers
Premium Off Road Rr Shock Absorbers
With Single Rear Wheels
20 X 8" Cast Alum Polished Wheel
Less Wheel Covers
Centre Hub - Version A
Less Engine Idle Shutdown Timer
Immersion Heater Engine
50 State Emission Requirements
With Monobeam Suspension - Narrow
Less Stabilizer Package
Less Attitude/Ride Height Pack
With Standard Duty Front Suspension
With Front Stabilizer Bar
Less Rear Auxiliary Springs
Less Rear Stabilizer Bar
Less Rear Axle Package
Less Elect Locking Differential
6.7L 4V V8 T/C Diesel
Less Exhaust Pipe Extension
Power 4-Wheel Disc Vacuum Boost
Integrated Brake Control
Less Anti-Lock Braking System
Roll Stability Control Brk W/Betc
Less Engine Traction Assist
Normal Fuel Fill
Less Fuel Kit - FIA
Less In-Dash Internet Device-FIA
Less Tracking System - FIA
With Remote Starter - FIA
Less Transmission Power Take Off
Electric Trans Case And Auto Hubs
With Skid Plates
With Mid-Ship Fuel Tank
Fuel Cap - Non Locking Green
With Diesel Fuel Capability
Less Gaseous Prep Pack
With Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Content
With Man Rake/Col Shift Strg Column
Leat/Red Cont/Audio/Crse/MGM Wheel
With Speed Control
Less Auxiliary Heater
With MPH/KMH Speedometer
Tyre Inflation Monitor
Instrumentation Pack No.3
With Reverse Proximity Sensor
With Perimeter Anti-Theft
With Safeguard Anti-Theft Sys(Pats)
Heavy Duty Battery
Extra Heavy Duty Alternator
110v Alt Current Oulet-In Cab
With NAAO Radio Frequency
With A/V Jack
Satellite Digital Broadcast
Less Television Package
With Media Gateway Module
Rear View Camera-Fixed
With Homelink
Less Daytime Running Lamps
Headlamps - U.S. Symmetry
With Front Fog Lamps
Less Roof Marker/Clearance Light
Tail lamps - Level 1
With Automatic Headlamp Control
Spare Accessory Switches-4
White Platimum
Generic Country Group 1
250 Series
F81A-5310-AGD (5600 LB.)
F81A-5310-AGD (5600 LB.) #2
Less B&A Control Codes Issue 030388
6 Speed Auto Trans (6R140)
F250/350/450/550 Super Duty
(-) GVMT Service Administration
Less Ultimate Package

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Job 1 was February 15th so 3/9/10 was only 3 weeks into the build.. as stated, early build and a known issue for the early builds. Very Unfortunate!!

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I appreciate all of the insight and information each of you have posted. I decided to post about my experience on Ford's Facebook page and received a response from a "Sarah" asking me to PM her - which I have......I will update on and if I hear anything further from Ford.

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I appreciate all of the insight and information each of you have posted. I decided to post about my experience on Ford's Facebook page and received a response from a "Sarah" asking me to PM her - which I have......I will update on and if I hear anything further from Ford.
You have seemed to be very level headed here considering your circumstance. Remember to be professional and respectful when dealing with them but make it VERY clear that you are aware Ford knows there is an issue with the early builds and that they redesigned the part to fix the issue so why should you be stuck paying for a new motor... and that you are aware yours was built within the 1st 3 weeks.

I'd also mention that you have done some extensive research online and have seen this exact problem posted all over the internet for the 2011 MY trucks. Make sure they are aware that you are aware that this is a very well known issue.

I'd also try to find the TSB # for this exhaust valve issue. I did a quick search and found references to one existing but didn't find it and need to get to work.

Best of luck!!

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Reference Number(s): 14-0127, Date of Issue: July 3, 2014
Superceded Bulletin(s): 12-11-11, Date of Issue: November 16, 2012
Related Ref Number(s): 12-11-11, 14-0127
Some 2011 F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine and built on or before
3/29/2011 may exhibit a runs rough or no crank concern due to a broken exhaust valve. DTCs P0671,
P0672, P0673, P0674, P0675, P0676, P0677 and/or P0678 may be stored in the powertrain control
module (PCM) from a damaged glow plug. The glow plug circuit DTCs may also be accompanied by
cylinder misfire DTCs, cylinder contribution DTCs or other engine performance DTCs.
Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.
1. Does the vehicle exhibit a runs rough, no crank concern with any of the following DTCs
P0671, P0672, P0673, P0674, P0675, P0676, P0677 and/or P0678?
a. No - this article does not apply. Refer to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis
(PC/ED) manual for normal diagnosis.
b. Yes - proceed to Step 2.
2. Remove and inspect the glow plug associated with glow plug circuit DTC present. Refer to
Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-07C. Is the glow plug damaged?
a. No - this article does not apply. Refer to the PC/ED manual for normal diagnosis.
b. Yes - replace the engine long block. Refer to WSM, Section 303-01C.
1. For prior approval warranty repairs, complete the cost cap tool by selecting short
block, both cylinder heads, oil cooler and 16 lifters.

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I'm not a fan of folks who expect Ford to cover breakage past their warranty. However, this being a known issue, seems like it would be fair for Ford to cover at least half of the cost - parts and labor.

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Update: As stated above I did reach out to Ford on Facebook and received the following message:
" I do see that this has been escalated to your regional customer service manager, Kathleen. It looks like she sent out an email to you on Friday, advising on a decision on your case. As our highest point of contact, her decision would be the final one. We're unable to overturn this decision. I do recommend contacting Kathleen for any additional clarification or questions."

Kathleen's email to me on Friday was:

"We have received your inquiry regarding your vehicle, and appreciate the time you have taken to bring this matter to our attention. We sincerely regret that you are experiencing trouble with your 2011 Ford F250. We understand you are travelling and currently have the vehicle at a dealership, where they advised the engine will need a major repair. We researched your request for some emergency travel assistance and we do not see where you purchased any extended coverages. Also, your factory warranty is expired.

Although warranties are designed to cover unpredictable situations that may occur, we are always willing to consider individual requests for assistance beyond the warranty period. We hope you understand, however, that we must place limits on our post-warranty adjustment policy. We regret to advise you that your vehicle is beyond those limits. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with the cost of this repair. We will also not be able to assist you with airfare and hotel expenses.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company, we hope you understand our position on this matter."

Given the above, it seems as though Ford has decided to wash their hands of the issue and won't be assisting anyone with the early build 2011's. Personally I just wish I had visited this site prior to having an issue. I would have been aware of the potential problem and would have gladly of paid out of pocket to replace the valves and not have taken the chance on ending up in the situation I am currently in. Oh well. You win some and you lose some I suppose. Sadly, I will not be purchasing another Ford vehicle again, but I am glad I discovered Ford's view now as opposed to after purchasing a 2017 F250 as I had planned to do.

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Based on your VIN of A06300, you have a very early build....

Blwnsmoke..where would a vehicle number of B03654 land in this valve issue? Affected or past fix start date? Thanks

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Blwnsmoke..where would a vehicle number of B03654 land in this valve issue? Affected or past fix start date? Thanks
VIN's 6th digit is a letter... starts with A and goes from A00001 to A99999 then starts at B00001 and goes up then C so you are at 103,652 (no such thing as 00000). You need to look at your window sticker to find your build date to be sure. You are close one way or the other.

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Jeremy Cleverly,
Your posts on this matter have been very professional, calm and reasonable. As a Ford owner, I am very disappointed with the official response you received when Ford has explicity acknowledged their manufacture failure. I don't understand why they would not make even some good faith gesture...perhaps they are worried it would create a precedent for the similar failures in the future? Failures that will occur most certainly.

Regardless, my hats off to you for rolling with it so gracefully.
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