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good day

so my beast is running on b100 these days

but l want to make the switch to svo (two tank)
l have been told tht the fuel injector pump on our trucks isnt good for svo (l assume because it is lubricated with the fuel?)

but l am planing the conversion any way

so to that end...

any tips on heating the lines (with coolant hose)?
they are steel and attached to the frame rail, they loop arround to the fws and so on
they seem rather hard to do the hose within a hose trick

also how do you heat the fuel filter and fws (mine is a wierd aftermarket one, off a tractor -- looks like a fuel filter)?

what do you do with the return line (l read about making it a closed loop into the fuel pump -- l'm not sure why)

should l add an (extra) fuel filter?

so there you have it losts of questions...
any help is appreciated


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Well, your going to want to run a completely seperate fuel system so, you should run seperate fuel lines, pump, filter, etc. Fuel lines. If you don't think you can do HIH do a HOH for heat.
I know for sure you absolutly do not want any water in the oil because of the IP. I do not have one myself but, maybe others that do can chim in here.
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