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6.9idi to 7.3 ps

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I was wondering how hard would it be to put a 7.3 ps into a 6.9 idi's place? What kind of modifications would I have to do to the truck to get the motor in? Will the power stroke bolt up to the 4spd?

Thanks for the replies
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I'm with ROoster on this one. Keep that 6.9, soup it up, and run it.

Ken at DPS can turn that truck into a 13.x second sleeper... or just build it to tow better. Don't discount the IDI engines--very reliable and very durable.
Here's the website:

I think Ken is [email protected] He may take his time getting back in touch, as he is very busy most of the time... best to pick up the phone and call.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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