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6 gun + DP Tuner

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I currently have the Banks 6 gun & Big Hoss Chip installed on my truck. After reading in a recent post I've found out that maybe Banks was not the most ideal setup for my truck and what I was wanting. Been looking at the F5 DP chip. I'm assuming this will just take the the place of my Big Hoss Chip and still stack fine with my 6 gun? Is this a correct assumption? Also, I previously was running a TS 6-position chip and still have the dial installed, anybody know if the knob from the TS chip will plug into the F5 DP chip or will I have to install a different dial. The stup I am looking at for my DP chip only has 6 settings so I as far as positions on the knob I should be fine.
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A DP Tuner chip will not 'stack' with a program that you've uploaded onto your stock PCM. The chip will completely over-ride the PCM.
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