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I have a 2012 F250 Fx4 with a Procomp 6" lift and 37" Mickey Thompsons BAJA ATZs on 20" wheels. Had this setup for about a year or so and out the gate noticed a little front tire rubbing on hard bumps and at about a midway turn. They clear the front bumper brackets on a hard turn and when normal driving, but hit pretty good on a mid way turn especially when going down a slope like a driveway. Didn't think it was too much of a problem, and really its just clipping the edge of the tires so its mainly just a noise annoyance or so I thought. Well recently I started experiencing the death wobble, after bringing it to several places and getting a beafed up stablizer put on (which didnt' help), I wound up getting the drag link replaced, right upper tie rod replaced, track bar replaced, and cams added with an alignment. $1200 later and death wobble seems to be cured but the rubbing seems to be worse. Guy who I brought it to said the rubbing wasn't the cause, it was simply because of the new angles that everything was now on with the lift that various parts began wearing. My concern is that the tie rubbing is promoting this problem and in a year I'll be right back here spending another $1200. Does anyone know of a solution to prevent the tires from rubbing? Is it possible to add a leveling kit to lift the front another couple of inches? Would that even solve my rubbing problem, or make my part wearing problem even worse. Any advice would be helpful.
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