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I have had problems with my 6 position chip for a while now, I have also noticed others that have had similar problems. These are that the chip doesn't change programs when you dial the switch and that it may jump from one program to another without you touching the switch. After speaking to as many people I could about the problem, I have figured that it is voltage related. If I tried to start the truck whilst the glow plugs and intake heater were running the chip would act up, so I just waited for all the dash lights to go out before I started the truck, this seemed to fix the problem. Long story short the problem was that my battery terminals had a black varnish on them that was causing a voltage drop, so I changed the terminals to some quality brass ones and no more chip problems. I couldn't remeber the guys that PM'ed me about the same problems they were having so I hope they read this post and it be a help to them.

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