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Have 7.3 parts I need to sell to clean out garage.

engine block
2 engine front covers
bell housing
2 exhaust valves- (new) #1823452C1
2 sets UVC harness / gaskets
oil cooler / oil filter housing
oil pan
2 oil pickup tubes
set of main bearings (new)
set of wrist pin bushings (new)
8 injector oil deflectors with bolts
16 roller tappets with hold down brackets
2 set of main caps with bolts
32 head bolts stock
16 roller tappets
13 rocker arms with roller bearing and mount
2 rocker arms without bearing and mount
16 pushrods stock
cam gear with bolt
radiator degas bottle
7.3 slip yoke
set of forged connecting rods
crank gear
flywheel spacer
dipstick tube
1 set of heads (have rust from setting but can be cleaned and machined)

$425 for everything if you come pick up. My cell phone is 423-322-0234
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