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7.3 high mileage questions

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I currently own an 02 with a 7.3, has 85k on it and I've had since it was almost new. I'm looking at buying a 2001 (7.3) that has 186k on it, has a bad valve but can't really find anything else wrong with it. Can you guys with higher mileage trucks gimme some info on what else to look for and how are your trucks holding up at around 200k? This was a fleet vehicle that looks to have been taken care of. Just wanted some input. Thanks
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It's a fleet truck for a gas co, truck looks and sounds good, they even added an AIS filter at some point which I also happen to have in mine so at least they were thinking of protecting the turbo. Like I said I've got 85k on mine and have changed out the vac pump, added evans cooolant with a coolant filter, double by-pass system and run synthetic changed rotors brakes, tranny flush. All the stuff that come with the regular maintenance and have never had any problems. Was just wondering for the folks that have the higher mileage trucks anything that cost big $$$ that I should expect. I know the h20 pump is one thing and possibly injectors? What about valves and such?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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