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7.3 high mileage questions

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I currently own an 02 with a 7.3, has 85k on it and I've had since it was almost new. I'm looking at buying a 2001 (7.3) that has 186k on it, has a bad valve but can't really find anything else wrong with it. Can you guys with higher mileage trucks gimme some info on what else to look for and how are your trucks holding up at around 200k? This was a fleet vehicle that looks to have been taken care of. Just wanted some input. Thanks
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I have a 99 F350 with 224,000 and the only problems I have had are ....replaced vacuum pump, had a factory short behind the instrument panel that took out my throttle position sensor a year after purchase .....(normal maintenance items - ball joints, universals fuel filters) Just now having issues with the cold starting and will look at the Glow Plug Relay today. Otherwise Cannot brag enough about my cowboy cadilac :thup::thup:

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