Rebuilt 7.3 IDI cylinder head from a 1988 Ford F350. The engine was running when removed and had only 31,000 miles (it was a plow truck - only used in winter).

I went completely through the head - disassembled, cleaned, magnafluxed (checked for cracks), checked for straightness (within spec), checked valve guides (within spec), checked valve springs (within spec), checked valve recession (within spec). The head was reassembled with quality valve seals and it's ready to go!

Since it's such a low-mile engine, the factory valve job and valve seats are intact. The precombustion chambers are original and in excellent condition.

Bottom line -- this is a no-excuses, no issues, ready to bolt on and go cylinder head. No hogged out valve guides, no oversized valve stems, no Chinese parts, no welds, no repairs, no broken bolts, no rust on the head, and no heli-coils. No core charge, either.

If you want to see more details, go to YouTube and search for my channel - The Bulletproof Garage - these heads are featured in episodes 5, 14, 15, and 16 of Project Brutus.

$600. No shipping. Pick up in Locust Grove, VA.

FYI - if you buy a single rebuilt 7.3 IDI head on eBay with no core, it's $1075 + shipping.