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7.3 Powerstroke Oil Pan

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Hello Everyone!!!

Longtime reader but first time poster....

I purchased new a 2002 F350 Duelly Extended Cab 4x4 Ford Powerstroke...I have been religeious on oil changes at 4000 miles and no higher than 4800 miles...

My question has to do with the oil pan itself...I do not know how to describe it as to say it seems to be rotting away....I have been monitoring it for some time now,and just decided to post it on here and see where it goes...

My dad who did autobody repair for eions,said to say it looks like "hamberger rot" like one would see on the sides of vehical sheetmetal... I would hazzard a guess there are 50 pluss small spots like the size of a pencil erasor,and two pretty big ones the size of a 50 cent piece with pronounce bubbling of the metal...

I have 62k on the truck and am also wondering if infact its going to have to be replaced and if so would my 100k engine warrenty cover the repairs....

Mike T /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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Some have been told that the rust warranty doesn't cover the oil pan. I would think that the engine warranty would cover it though.
Even if neither covers it and it does rust thru, you can always drain it, plug it with anything handy and fiberglass it. I've done it on a boat pan that was moored in salt water and never had another problem with it. The POR-15 is a good way to stop the problem from getting worse, fiberglass is a good way to repair it if it's gotten out of hand. Either way, you don't have to pull the engine.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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