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7.3L IDI Will Not Shut Off After Key is Turned (I've searched)

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I have a 94 F350 with the IDI. When I turn the key all the way back the all the lights in the interior and all electronics shut off. However, the truck continues to run.

I took the ignition switch off and started the truck with it and tried to turn the truck off with it to no success (wasn't sure if this was possible or not.) The rod that the key moves (the actuator) seems to work as I move the key back and forth it moves as well.

I took the two wires off the fuel shutoff solenoid and this did nothing. The truck continued to run.

I have searched for 3 days looking at about every thread related on each site but when someone fixes the issue they don't post back. I feel like mine is somewhat different since all the electronics do turn off.

Thanks in advance!
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There is only one wire on the fuel shutoff solenoid. If you removed it and the engine continues to run, then there's a very good chance it's stuck. One way to confirm this - stall the engine, turn the key to RUN, and with engine OFF (you won't be able to hear it otherwise), connect and disconnect the FSS wire several times. You should hear it click on and off as you do so. If you don't, that confirms that it's stuck.

Yup! I was typing on my tablet and it locked up. Started to respond on my phone and you saved me having to type a bunch.
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