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This is my first post on a diesel forum. I have had my 2000 7.3 Excursion for about 3.5 years.

Currently it is Full Force Stage 2 injectors, a Hyrdra Chip, and a newly installed wicked wheel turbo and pedestal.

This is related to this thread: topic 251863

In July I was forced to upgrade my injectors due to one going bad while I was in Florida. At that time a tune chip was installed. I drove the 1500 miles back to Chicago no problem and have put a good 2-3K miles on it since then.

Prelude to this story is that I was seeing for some time (since October) what looked like an oil leak coming from the main rear main seal.
Insert first image

About a month ago I started my truck and it was blowing an unusual amount of smoke. Further investigation I was blowing what looked like oil out of the exhaust. I don't recall a loud knock, but the injectors seemed a bit louder. I limped home about a mile loosing power along the way.
Insert 2nd and 3rd image

Last weekend I installed a wicked wheel turbo, thinking it was a good place to start since my injectors are new. This was great because it was my first time working on my truck and the install went well.

Here is a video of it running after the install. It was blowing a lot of smoke. More than normal on a cold day, but not as much as posted above. IMO the engine sounded great.
Insert link to knock video

After letting the truck run for 20 minutes took it for a short spin. I didn't get on it, but I could tell that the truck was very responsive. After about a 1/4 mile I started hearing a loud knock. Glad I found the above mentioned thread because I didn't get a video. I limped home for an inspection. The truck then was hydra-locked and wouldn't start.
The truck sounded like this.
insert video of my truck running

Today we removed the valve covers and started removing the injectors from the passenger side.

The back cylinder #7 came out and it was clean as could be.

Cylinder #5 however to me seemed the injector bolt took little to no effort to break loose compared to #7. When extracting the injector it was coated in oil.

Two things were noticed upon inspection. The lower O-Ring was shot and cracked. The lower part of the injector that sits in the cup is dirty and not clean. Lastly I don't see the copper washer/gasket on the injector. I can't tell if it is the cup.

My oil dipstick does show the oil is above operating range, but can't tell if there is fuel in it by the smell.

insert 4th and fifth image

My questions without making assumptions:
1. Would the bad oring cause a lot of smoke?
2. Would the bad oring cause the hydra lock?
3. Would the bad oring cause the knock?
4. Would the bad oring cause lower fuel pressure which is a common cause for a bad injector?
5. Have I found the smoking gun or should I continue to pull the injectors.

Thank you all in advance.

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