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7.3L no start issue

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Hi. I just sold my truck today. And the new buyer picked it up and drove it home 100+ miles. It ran fine. He shut it off, now it would start. I had a spare CPS and he changed it. Still no start. The spare CPS was in the truck a long time. But I believe it worked way back when.
I feel terrible. I owned the truck since 2007 and have never had a problem.
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I would really like some help here. I don't think it is major. The truck ran great was shut off and then later wouldn't start. No smoke, no rough idle. I believe it must be something electrical. Fuse or a broken wire, etc.
I have owned the truck for over 8 years. And it's never had the check engine light come on. The new owner put a tester on it and he says it doesn't show any codes or ant erased codes. Will ask him if the tach shows anything when cranking.
Any suggestions?
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