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7.3L PSD Upper Radiator Hose

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I give up! I've been using the search engine it seems like forever which has never worked for me even if I only put one word in the search.

Where do I find the source and part number of the 7.3L PSD upper radiator hose that goes around and behind the serpentine belt instead of through it. I'm going to install a 203 degree thermostat in a few days and I figured this would be a good time to replace the upper radiator hose.
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Boy that was fast! I've been searching all morning and in just a few moments I have an answer! Thanks a lot!!
Yeah I'm going to flush my whole cooling system, change hoses, and install the 203* Thermostat and Billet Aluminum Thermostat Housing from Bob Riley of Dieselsite. I'll then refill with the same Low Silicate Fleetguard P/N CC2835 ES Compleat Extended Life Propylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 Premix that I've been using for years. It comes with the DCA-4 already in it to maintain the SCAs to a 2.5 level.
Yeah, I've been going to install a coolant filter for years but not this go around. I've got too many unfinished projects before I start new ones.
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Per the 2000 Ford F250 Factory Manual:

1. To fill re-install drain plugs and draincock.

2. Add the proper engine coolant mixture to the degas bottle.

3. Move the temperature blend selector to the full warm position.

4. Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature at 2,000 rpm for five minutes.

5. Turn off the engine and allow the cooling system to cool.

6. Add the proper engine coolant mixture to the degas bottle until the coolant level is between the "COOLANT FILL LEVEL" marks.

7. CAUTION: If the air discharge remains cool and the engine coolant temperature gauge does not move, the engine coolant level is low in the engine and must be filled. Stop the engine, allow to cool and fill the cooling system as described.

Start the engine and allow to idle until normal operating temperature is reached. Hot air should discharge from the A/C vents. The engine coolant temperature gauge should maintain a stabilized reading in the middle of the NORMAL range and the upper radiator hose should feel hot to the touch.

8. Repeat Steps 1-7 until the degas bottle level is ok.
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