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8.2L Detroit Diesel Swap Questions

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Hello, I have a 1989 Ford F350 with a 460 that I am going to pull and replace with an 8.2L Detroit Diesel. I bought the 8.2L from a guy that pulled it from a street sweeper. I have a question with more to come im sure, hoping someone can help. Do I need a lift pump or a sending unit to get fuel to the motor or will the motor pull the fuel from the tank?
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How are you planning on getting that engine in there?
It has a pump right? Then I don't think you will need anything additional.
I cannot see how the motor wouldn't be dragging on asphalt even if you got it in. Bell housing? Trans? Drive shaft? Harnesses, radiator, how you controlling what tranny.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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