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8.2L Detroit Diesel Swap Questions

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Hello, I have a 1989 Ford F350 with a 460 that I am going to pull and replace with an 8.2L Detroit Diesel. I bought the 8.2L from a guy that pulled it from a street sweeper. I have a question with more to come im sure, hoping someone can help. Do I need a lift pump or a sending unit to get fuel to the motor or will the motor pull the fuel from the tank?
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With lots of carful planning and fab. Im just a bit lost at the moment. From what little information I can find it doesn't seem to need a transfer or "lift" pump but im not sure.
Yes it does have a pump on the motor. When I bought the motor the guy had an electric pump off of a late model chevy pumping fuel from an plastic tank to the fuel pump on the motor and a battery running that, the kill switch, and the starter. But from what I have read so far im thinking I wont need that. Just a syphon set up.
Yes parts are hard to find. The pre 83 turbo charged 8.2L had head gasket problems, this one is a non turbo 83. I also agree that they were underpowered for a large application. This truck doesn't get much use and wont pull much just looking to make a toy. I don't want to do the same swap everyone and there cousin has done. The parts that I will need can be found (fuel pumps, water pumps, ext). Everything else has to be rebuilt or made. On this particular sweeper all this motor did was run the drive gear, the application will work just fine (0-80mph highway). As you said you worked on them, reverting back to my original question I answered myself, no you do not need a lift pump the pump on the motor pulls from the tank and returns as well.
The truck has a 460 in it now, the new motor wont be much larger. The Allison AT545 wont need a controller. We have a PowerDrive in town that does nothing but build driveshafts. When I get it swapped and running ill bring it to them and they will take care of the driveshaft. As far as fit, I will have to fab motor mounts and tranny mounts but it will fit just fine. It got a big block body sitting in it now. I don't doubt it will take some work, but its do-able.

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I appoligize for lagging on the updates. I took to shadowing my tool box and it took much longer then expected. Either way, the swap is on it's way. The old 460 has been removed and the Detroit has been mocked up to see what needs to change. The old motor mounts were removed and the cross member will be removed and relocated back further as the Detroit is a front drop pan. I will be doing that in the coming weeks as well as fabricating motor mounts. Pictures to follow.

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