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85 F250

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When I turn the ignition switch, sometimes I'll get a grinding sound from the bendix not grabbing the flywheel. Sometimes, it'll just crank normally.
Sometimes, it will do nothing. Sometimes it won't start in Park and I have to shift to neutral and it'll either crank or grind. Sometimes not even then.
I have noticed that when it decides to do nothing, if I hold the key all the way to start for a few seconds, it may crank/grind and it may not.
Once its started, the truck runs just fine. The only problem is getting it going. Any ideas?
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Check the starter ground. When they come loose there is not sufficient power to push the gear all the way to the fly wheel. I learned this from experience. If the little, black, thin ground wire from the starter to the engine block is at all loose you can get this symptom. Additionally, this is not uncommon because this connection is difficult to get to and is sometimes not completly snugged tight, out of frustration. Yes, sadly, I know what I am talking about.
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