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85 F250

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When I turn the ignition switch, sometimes I'll get a grinding sound from the bendix not grabbing the flywheel. Sometimes, it'll just crank normally.
Sometimes, it will do nothing. Sometimes it won't start in Park and I have to shift to neutral and it'll either crank or grind. Sometimes not even then.
I have noticed that when it decides to do nothing, if I hold the key all the way to start for a few seconds, it may crank/grind and it may not.
Once its started, the truck runs just fine. The only problem is getting it going. Any ideas?
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I have a similar issue with my '84, but with a standard tranny. Although mine always either starts or grinds - it never does "nothing". Sometimes it will grind 1-3x, and then start on the 2nd - 4th try, sometimes it will start on the 1st try. Once, with my mechanic friend helping me getting it into better running shape, we push rolled it a few feet while in neutral and I popped the clutch, then it started right up. Question - I know the rear main seal is leaking - it's pretty oily down there, would that contribute to the grinding problem at start up? I didn't think to ask my mechanic friend at the time this question... Or, if it is what drinkypoo suggests - either a missing flywheel tooth, or a sticky pinion, I should consider installing a new flywheel if the former, but how does one resolve the problem of a sticky pinion?
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