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I am shotgun methoding this question. I posted on the Ford-Trucks forums as well on Facebook and just thought I would post it here too just so I can hit as many smart people as I can. I will start this post by saying several things. I have never owned a diesel, I have never owned a 4x4, I have never owned a truck. I love to learn but am handicapped by what others are willing to teach/what is available on youtube. I am 34 and have only been trying to play catch up and be mechanical for the last couple of years.

I bought an 85 IDI 6.9 that ran great but had an engine oil cooler leak among other small problems. I fixed the oil cooler leak and did other various maintenance items and finally got to the point I wanted to make a fuel adjustment on the injection pump. The guy I bought it from indicated he had it "turned way up" and after a fill up I was getting 12mpg. With diesel prices what they are, I decided now was the time to get that turned back down. I asked him how far he turned it up. "Two full turns or so" he said. Not having done any looking or researching I simply followed a guide online on how to turn it back down (take plate off/turn engine until allen head visible/turn it counterclockwise), and turned it back down two full turns. Well after that dumb move (I realize now you need to make micro adjustments to these), it would not start. Cranked it enough that the batteries died. While charging I learned that you can actually turn the fuel down enough that it won't even run. "Ok I must have turned it too far down" I thought. I turned it clockwise half a turn, still no run. Turned clockwise half a turn more, still no run. Finally decided 12mpg is going to be just fine and turned it back up to where it was. What I didn't realize was he had the allen head maxed out which made it easy for me to figure out how far to turn it back up since it stopped turning... Well it DOES start now but runs like a load of crap. If you give it too much pedal, it coughs and sputters and has no power. It actually will only can gain speed on flat ground/downhill. It also loses prime on shut off and needs to crank 15+ seconds to start. I was thinking maybe I just got unlucky and the lift pump died, I went ahead and replaced it. Still runs the same.

So my question is...
Did I mess up the pump calibration?
Is there a way to fix it if I did?
Do I need to adjust the timing on the pump?
Or does it simply sound like air intrusion/leaking somewhere?
Any help in directing me on the avenue I need to take next would be awesome.
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