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87 F250 6.9 Oil Pressure

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I just purchased a 1987 F250 6.9. My first diesel. The oil pressure gauge is bouncing between low end and middle of normal range. I have changed air filter/ and oil/oil filter(Motorcraft) using Rotella 15w-40. The intake and bolt to air cleaner were not covered in oil, but we plan to address CDR valve next. I have read other post which talk about poor readings for stock gauges. Any suggestions on a good set up and/ or repairs to insure I am getting good readings.:ford:

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The factory dash gauges are a joke to say the least. If you want to monitor your oil pressure then you can put in a mechanical or electrical gauge. The factory sender is in the top of the block in the middle at the back.
At operating temp the oil pressure for the IDI's is about 12 PSI @ idle and about 40 at higway RPM's. These engines are lubricated by VOLUME not pressure.

Your choice to tee or just replace the sender. My truck is turbo and I have a tee to watch (HaHa) the factory gauge sit and an aftermarket gauge on my pillar to see what is really going on.
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